.....I purchased a book and did not read it until now (Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1411-3)... In it are some very helpful tips on many of the areas

that I picked up here and there. Here is a more in depth manner of sharpening that allows you much more flexibility than I previously discovered.

Open a file, Make a single duplicate layer to which you will apply LAB sharpening (or any other preferred sharpening stype to).

Leave that layer by itself and go back to the first layeron the bottom. Make two layers and a new layer and work out the soft filter layer as described earlier.

After your Multiply soft layer is down to one, you should have the original, soft filter and sharp layer (3)... highlight the sharp top layer,

hold the alt key (mac) and press the MASK button on the layer Pallette. Make sure your top color is white and that your black box in the layer is selected.

Begin using the brush to go over the specific areas that you want sharp.The black masking will keep all other areas under it from filtering into the image,

allowing your soft filter to share space with the sharp areas without clashing. I chose to brush over the eyeballs, lashes and brows,

also the middle crease separative the lower and upper lips. Just for the fun of it, I tried to use a desaturation layer over the image as in the previous lesson.

I think it wiorks with her makeup mood.

Model: Ada Yu...
Sharpening on a layer with masking ...
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