Camera gear is more or less just that...gear. It does not make or break your creativinty, you do that. What tools do is allow you to work with greater ease and simplicity. In all, tools are important in many ways. They can break your bank, and render your work ineffective if you do not know how to use it.

Chatting on websites makes it possible to see how others work with them. Going to school helps to get professional training, field training and

practice will help you experience the moment. With tools, you gain confidence and learn to work more efficiently and effectivly.

The Minolta Color IIIF is a color meter which meausres light in Kelvin degrees. This tells me what to set the camera's Kelvin meter at, so I get a balance

of white light across the image plane. the Sekonic meter measures the exposure value of light and its intensity. It allows me to understand how much

light is falling on a subjective area, so I can set the cameras aperture and shutter accordingly. Both tools are quite important to my work flow,

which allows me to have confidence that these areas of the image capture is within my personal guidelines. With that confidence in play,

I am then free to pay closer attention to the composition and persona of the model or subject. The chain of preconception and overall

anaylization of the lighting allows me to feel confident that the image will be produced as planned. Photoshop helps me afterwards in post

processing to further enhance and rectify simpler areas that was not possible during the actual shoot. The camera itself must be up to the task.

It does not mean that I have to have the best camera, but it helps to have tools that can do the job with ease.

The digital camera has saved me twice its cost each year in film processing cost. Tools help.

Learning your tools...