A T/S tilt and shift lens design is one of many designs used in the large format photographic community. To bring a taste of it to 35mm Canon

has developed three of such lenses for our use. I own two, not finding a personal use for the third one. The 24TS 3.5L lens may not be the

best of best in some circles, but it sure shines where it is desired. With this lens, the shift function allows me to capture a center image and a l

eft/right side image, which then allows me to join them in Photoshop afterward, creating a rather nice panoramic view.

The mechanics of the lens design allows the whole lens to move left/right or up/down, without moving the camera.

The camera is then able to record the scene three times and have you splice it together in software. Tilt is a different function, where the image plane

is allowed to vary with the direction of the lens from a plumb state. This facilitates a scene that might need an off axis plane of focus.

The image circle for the T/S lens is actually larger than the standard image circle and has been scaled down for visual convenience.

I really needed to shoot two images, one left and right. I shoot a central image just in case I misalign any of the two.

Working the image circle ...
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