Canon Lovers

are excited over tha fact that Canon in its AF infancy chose to enlarge their lens mount size to 54mm while Nikon Users try to validate

the value of Nikon choosing to retain their 39mm lens mount size. In order to win over readers to their own camp, this has become its largest battle ground.

The 39mm mount size has limited Nikon lenses to the smaller chip size, while Canon was allowed to retain use of the 36mm full frame format.

Due to light path and optics, it is better for Nikon to use smaller chip sizes which has its limitations on Maximum Chip size. Ever look through a single lens

from a binocular. If you notice, the image looks upside down, well the camera corrects for this, but that os the point of the hourglass shape of light flow.

A larger lens mount allows Canon to flow light straighter than the Nikon edge of lens light. Nikon has since limited themself to using the middle of their lenses, realizing that the edge circle (lens) light fall off is too great of an issue for their gear, Canon was able work this out better since their mount was larger.

Chip pixels may also be set at an angle to compensate for this need to have light fall directly plumb on its pixel cell. Basically Nikon can have a full frame

chip made to order, but they would have to adjust the outer pixel cells to compensate for the angle of light at the edge of the image circle.

They first attempted to correct it in software, but it is truly a hardware issue. Both systems are otherwise EXCELLENT.

Artwork: JPringlePhoto©2006
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