.....Look very carefully at the first image of SukSo,

where her nose has a shadow cast originating from the overcast sky. Then look under her chin for the fill flash casting a specular shadow.

What has happened is that the image was exposed for the daylight with fill flash, but a cloud came over and softened the main light penumbra.

Here we have a situation where the lighting would have gone from the exposure resting on her face to the exposure just beneith her chin,

however, the fill flash lightened the graduation of contrast and ended up casting its own shadow after the sun fell under evposure.

Overall the effect was good, but better to know why it happened rather than just think its a good effect.

It would have been much better to have a soft box over the fill flash unit.

On the same day, the sun was out and with specular fill flash, I can see multiple lines separating where the sun and flash has both cast shadows on her face.

In this case, it would have been best to use a large diffussion panel to change the penumbra of the sunlight falling onto her face,

as well as use another over the fill flash.

Model: SoYuen Suk
Dealing with Daylight ...
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