Set up metatag data on camera. Check metatag data in PS program (layer one). Layer count starts from bottom-up.

Change name of image layer to image file designation name (layer one). Make two duplicate layers and then a new layer

(layer 2/3which merge visible to layer 4). Change New Layer to be named Soft Filter (layer 4 on top). Make invisible layer 1 on bottom by clicking the eye.

Make layer 2 (bottom of visible three) to Multiply mode set to 40% opacity. Make layer 3 (middle of visible three) to Screen mode set to 80% opacity,

then make invisible. Bring up dialog (Layer Style) on the Multiply layer (layer 2). Move second lowest slider for blending to the right.

Move until you are happy with how much black area you want the soft filter to ignore. Press and hold the option Key (MAC),

Drag to right the right half of the slider until you are happy with the graduation from your chosen black area to the lighter area.

It will appear to fade to black. Do the same to the screen layer but a bit more deeply than the bottom layer as to allow the multiply layer to spread

a bit wider from the screen layer. With screen layer visible, click filter on top tool bar, blur, Gaussian blur. Choose 1-6 Radius, OK.

With multiply layer visible, click filter, Blur, Gaussian blur. Choose 10-20 Radius, OK. Click on the Soft Filter layer (4) on top of the

screen layer and with all three, merge visible (soft filter, screen and multiply. Reset the Soft Filter layer to Multiply. You will now have two distinct layers.

Insert your copyright name onto image face (new layer 3). Now you will have three layers total. Copyright name, Soft filter and Original image.

Make Soft Filter opacity to 40% opacity, adjust for effect. Save file throughout just in case…

Models: Giselle and Olga
Soft Focus Filtering in Software ...
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